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She was alone - her mother, father and sister had been killed by a mortar shell fired by the Myanmar military during a sweeping crackdown against Rohingya people.Upon Khartoun's arrival in September, two women approached her on the beach and told her they would help her.Urban Light founder Alezandra Russell insists that sex trafficking "is now a multi-billion dollar industry that's affecting both genders".Her organisation provides health check-ups, counselling, education and housing programmes - and has reached 5,000 boys in seven years. Russell launched Urban Light after an eye-opening visit to Chiang Mai's red light district in 2009.

He endured cruelty and exploitation, forced to go home with the men who venture to these dark places to buy sex with children.

He takes them to abandoned parking lots to practice changing gears and reversing. It's part of a project run by Urban Light, the only NGO in Thailand that supports male victims of sex trafficking.

The country is a notorious destination for sex tourists, and has one of the highest rates of child prostitution in the world. Reliable numbers are difficult to come by with most research overlooking boys.

"I sold my wedding ring and used that money to get back to Thailand and rent a little space in the red light district."Urban Light staff hand out condoms and fliers in bars and brothels in touristy areas of the city that seem innocuous enough, but are notorious spots for Western men (and increasingly Chinese and Thai men, Russell says) to find children for sale.

There's a widespread misconception that victims of sex trafficking are kidnapped and locked up, but the reality is more complex.

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His customers were still Western tourists, but they went to him for sex, not tuk-tuk rides.

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